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Drama to Dharma: Finding Your Joyful Purpose on Life's Stage

Act I: The Great Ego-centric Play

Raise your curtain with me, friends, on the most dramatic show of all: life! We all play star roles, juggling lines like bills and deadlines, dodging props like unexpected twists and turns. But amidst the spotlight of "me, me, me," sometimes we forget the whole point of the play: finding our Dharma.

Now, Dharma isn't some dusty rulebook hidden in a forgotten library nor is it a set of  religious or ethical plays that tell us how to act.  It's closer to the stage manager, whispering hints of purpose behind the scenes. It's the invisible thread that weaves all our scenes together, from the quiet monologues at sunrise to the grand finales with fireworks from the stage to sky.

Act II: Dropping the Drama, Finding the Dharma`

Think of all the times you've gotten so tangled in your own drama – that inner monologue of self-pity and blame – that you miss the beauty of the set, the twinkle of the audience's eyes. That's when we forget our Dharma, our own unique joy-filled act in this grand production.

But fear not, fellow actors! Finding your Dharma isn't some epic quest for a golden scroll. It's about tuning into the quiet music in your heart, the rhythm of joy that hums even when the spotlight dims. It's about those stolen moments of peace on a park bench, or bursts of laughter with loved ones, or the sheer satisfaction of finishing a good book… without looking at your phone ;-).

Act III: Joy is the Script (and the Director!)

Dr. Wayne Dyer said it beautifully: "We are Human Beings, not Human Doings!" So ditch the script of expectation, the pressure to perform a life someone else wrote. Your Dharma is a dance with joy, a continuous pirouette of finding what makes your soul sing. It's not about the perfect costume or the applause – it's about basking in the spotlight of your own inner radiance.

Remember, even the greatest plays have moments of chaos. Don't let a missed line or a forgotten prop throw you off track. These are just costume changes, cues to adapt and improvise. Embrace the laughter in the bloopers, the unexpected twists that make your story unique.

The Grand Finale: Living from the Heart, Not the Headlines

Ultimately, your Dharma isn't about proving yourself to the world. It's about finding that sweet spot where your inner prompter and the universe's stage directions align. It's about stepping out of the drama and into the joy, leaving the ego's applause for the symphony of your own soul.

So, take a bow, dear one, and remember: your life is a masterpiece in progress, a play written and directed by your own joyful spirit. Keep your heart as your compass, your laughter as your guide, and you'll find your Dharma unfolding with every scene, every beat, every beautiful, messy, human moment.

Cue the curtain call! Let the applause of your own joy fill the auditorium of your life!

P.S. Bonus points for adding a funny anecdote or relatable personal experience to each act, showcasing how you found your own Dharma – or are still hilariously searching for it…we've all been there! Remembering that “the search” is never outside of us…. It is inward where it is less of “search”, more of a "connection" to the liveliness that resides dormant in us, timelessly ready to reveal itself!

Ready, break a leg!

 “better one’s own dharma, though imperfect, than another’s dharma well- performed.”  - Krishna ( Bhagavad Gita | Ch.3 ; Verse 35)

श्रेयान् स्वधर्मो विगुण: परधर्मात् स्वकर्मणि अभिरतः | स स्वप्नशङ्के च सुखं लभते न च पापान्नो त्यक्ति चाकृतः ॥

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