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Group  Coaching

Here we come together to share each other's learning experience. This class provide thriving atmosphere for every participant in their journey of learning to meditate. We give and receive the opportunity of growing every time we share. We are made to encourage each other.

Bring your own tribe or meet a new friend in our community during your group class. 

Meditation Group
Offerings with Odyssey
Couple Meditating

Dynamic Duo

Sign up for a beautiful journey into learning meditation with your favorite person in this life. A partner, a dear friend, work buddy or anyone with a common goal of wanting to share this experience with you.

One -on-one class

Life gets busy and for some of us little too busy where carving out the Me Time feels like swimming against the tide. Some of us do need more of this time to recover on a daily basis. If you are looking to have some more space to yourself while being able to learn how to meditate, then                  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet with your limitless Self and learn at your soul's own pace.


Classes for the kids

I feel truly honored when I have opportunity to serve children who are continuing to PLAY and inspire all of us to do the same.

Please inquire for various options that you can further customize. Age is not a clue here.

These beautiful bundles of consciousness are unstoppable and crave growth. let's bring them a bit closer to their inner Self. 

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