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It's my pleasure to bring various movement practices to everyone. Physical pain shouldn't have to be the reason to start moving but for so many of us it just is. To walk with the same pace of what life brings to us, we show up and do our best to play our role.



When we add any movement practice to our day, It helps us center both our body and mind. To balance the "STOP" and "GO", to help calm our overstimulated senses, I invite you to find the movement pattern that work with your body and mind. Exercising is not just an activity or a way to stay fit, It is a robust opportunity to connect with your body and mind.



My goal is to help you get to your goal in exercising your body in harmonious way. Physical Therapy background serves me well when I am tuned in to my clients to help them achieve ease in their exercise routine. I embrace various techniques and methodology that I have learned through out my practice. I find passion in helping people find their best abilities to move with their STRENGTH and to be moved by LOVE.




                        When will you begin that long journey into yourSelf?


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