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             About  Purvi...

Greetings! My name is Purvi. Role playing as a Physical Therapist, I have been given countless opportunities to assist clients in musculoskeletal healing. During the practice I have had ample opportunities to learn not only about my clients but also my SELF. So I call those experiences "Self-Discoveries". I learned that I was naturally gravitated towards healing client's body and mind as a whole but I was not doing it. It was done through me!



Growing curiosity towards holistic health and my own Soul-Growth experiences brought me to the world of "energy healing" that led me to learn and incorporate Ortho-Bionomy® technique into my practice. I became more and more connected to this "innate intelligence" that we are all born with. Through my own involution I realized that meditation is the way to connect with this inner-Self and bring peace, harmony and balance to life. 



Being a wife and a mother while having a successful career and living a comfortable life I continued to encounter the same questions. Who is "Me" within "I"? and Why am I here? Exploration of this gave me an opportunity to deepen my understanding about Advaita-Vedanta at Chopra and learned how to incorporate those principles into my life through daily practice of meditation. Exploring more into spirituality through self-study and gaining profound teachings from work of the great spiritual masters, I feel honored in sharing not just the gift of Meditation but also everything that Motion to Meditation has to offer. By sharing these learnings through teaching others how to graciously move and meditate, I feel at the service of the higher source. 



I believe that the growth of planetary consciousness is inevitable but it starts with the process of our own personal transformation that fuels this journey of evolution. Expanding awareness of the planet Earth as a whole can not be done without combined efforts to raise this collective consciousness that we are in now. The answers to Who we are and Why we are here can be received, if we learn and choose to listen to the silence within!





Ortho-Bionomy® is a registered trademark of the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International, Inc. and is used with permission.

"Love is the whole thing. We are only pieces. "  

                                                         - Rumi.

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