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Motion  to Meditation

Move, Meditate, Let go and Lighten up!
Why Motion to Meditation?

Why Motion to Meditation?


Motion to Meditation is born with purpose to bring greater awareness of human body's innate potential of self-healing. Healing does not begin and end only at "physical level". Instead of shutting out our feelings and emotions, when we welcome them to the healing process, we unravel our body's ability of continuing to heal and aspire true health inside out.


Purvi believes that the healing occurs through the motion by not only moving  our "physical body" but also by moving our emotions and our feelings. After all...E-motions are "energy in motion!" When we become aware of what doesn't serve us we are on our path towards healing. By moving it and letting it go, we make room for more of what does serve us. We start to cultivate self-nurturing and nourishing abilities which ultimately brings us to the level of Homeostasis.


This harmony in to our "Physical body" and "Energy body" is achieved through the right balance of movement and stillness. This stillness is not found "outside" from us but can be discovered "within" and Meditation is the way to access it.  By practicing meditation  we expand our consciousness to a whole new level and the journey of healing begins... for us and for the whole planet!


Motion to Meditation intend to be at the service to everyone to heal, to expand their awareness and have them experience higher state of consciousness through helping them become life long meditators. 

Our Body  benefits  from  motion  but  our  mind   thrives  on    St illness.                                                                                              -Chopra

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